M&A and general corporate services

Represents Chinese companies in greenfield investments in the U.S., including setting up subsidiaries, seeking business partners, and expanding sales channels, etc

Represents Chinese companies in M&A deals in the U.S
Provides consulting services to the board and committee regarding corporate governance

Provides legal counsel services regarding running U.S. business, including corporate law, contract law, labor law, etc

Provides other general corporate services

U.S. Companies Doing Business in China

Represents U.S. and other foreign companies in Greenfield investments in China

Represents U.S. and other foreign companies in M&A transactions in China Represents U.S. and other foreign companies to do business in China,

including contract negotiation and other cooperation

Fund and Financial Institution

Represents China funds in setting up funds in the U.S. and their investments in the U.S.

Represents Chinese wealth management companies and other investment companies in their U.S. investments

Represents Chinese companies in their private equity investment

Represents private equity and venture capital funds in due diligence and investments

Represents international banks and other financial institutions in setting up subsidiaries in the U.S., and cross border M&A deals

EB-5 Investment and L1 visa
Assisting U.S. companies to develop EB-5 investment structure and investors to apply for green-card

Represents U.S. chain companies in developing EB-5 financing structures

Represents U.S. companies in developing EB-5 regional center financing business structures including preparing legal documents.

Represents EB-5 investors in their Green Card applications, including applications for I-526 temporary card and I-829 permanent green card .

Represents Chinese companies in setting up subsidiaries or affiliates, and helps managers apply for L-1 visa and green card. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Real Estate Investment
Residential and commercial real estate

Represents Chinese investors in real estate investments, including residential and commercial real estates

Represents Chinese companies in U.S. real estate development, including residential, commercial and nursing home real estate projects

Represents Chinese companies in REITS and other real estate related investment

Securities offering, compliance, independent investigation, litigation, going private

Represents Chinese companies going public through IPO or reverse mergers, including public offering and private placement, initial and follow-on offering

Represents public Chinese companies in its compliance, including annual and quarter report

Represents public Chinese companies in conduct independent investigations, SEC investigations, and security litigations

Represents public Chinese companies in their going private and delisting transactions